ColorBlend FX is a mystic puzzle-platformer with a metroidvania touches where your aim is to return the Colors back to the world. Splat and stomp juicy enemies, swim in paint pools, overcome deadly traps, find secrets and treasures, solve color and physics puzzles and colorize everything in this unique 2.5D experience.

The game is about two creature races, the Splatians and Ashen + his minions, and most importantly, their conflict about the mythical Rainbow Powder. They all believe that it belongs to them, but the truth is that only the Splatians can benefit from its true magic properties. Though, Ashen is named such with a reason.

The game is still in development, but you can download very early pre-prototype version on Itch or Gamejolt.

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At the end, the game will be available on Steam and our dreams are for consoles, where the game will fit the most.
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